The Best Micro Links

Looking For the Best Micro Links?

Are you looking for the highest quality micro links on the market today? We have the best money can buy. Purchase your premium links and see how they transform every aspect of your appearance. Whether it’s a night on the town, or you are shooting your own videos – micro links are an easy way to look your best and turn heads.

Reasons to Love Micro Link Hair Extensions

It may be difficult to know which micro links  to get, since there are so many varieties and different terms used to describe them. Hair extensions can either be made with human hair, animal hair, synthetic hair or a combination of all. 

A good rule of thumb to use when shopping for micro links is to get the highest quality you can afford.

If money is not a factor for you, then I would suggest Virgin hair extensions.

Virgin hair extensions are some of the highest quality you can get for micro link hair extensions.

Because the collection and harvesting of virgin hair is so detailed and rigorous, the price of Virgin hair will also be more expensive. 

Mostly, this hair comes from China and India, since the supply is the greatest in those countries; however, it can also come from places like Russia and Brazil as well.

When you’re buying micro links, especially online, you may see the term 100% human hair, however, you must be careful. 

Hair that is labeled as such is not always human hair. It may actually be a combination of human hair with synthetic or animal hair, which can be very misleading. One clue to figure out what type of hair you’re actually getting is the price. 

Generally, if the hair is priced very inexpensively, it can be a clue that it is not actually 100% human hair.

So what makes Virgin hair micro links so great?

Virgin hair is hair that is unprocessed and intact, meaning it hasn’t been chemically treated in any way such as dyed, permed, colored, or bleached. 

Virgin hair extensions also only come from one donor, so the hair is the same quality and consistency. The strands also run in the same direction so it does not tangle as easily.

Another benefit of getting virgin micro link hair extensions is that it generally lasts longer than any other type of hair extensions. micro link 

Because it is actual human hair, you can treat it as your own, meaning you can use blow dry, flat iron, and color it to match your own hair color. 

It’s important to care for this type of hair properly. With proper care, micro links can last up to 6 months and sometimes over 1 year.

As with any other hair extensions, prices for virgin hair extensions can vary depending on how much you will need. Generally, you can look to spend anywhere from $80 to $500. Yes, this is expensive, but I like to look at it as making an investment. 

Virgin hair lasts the longest and is the most natural looking. If you go with something cheaper that may not last as long, you would probably spend as much replacing low quality extensions that deteriorate after a couple wearings and washings.

Where To Find the Best Micro Links

There are many places to find micro links. You can go to your local beauty salon, visit the mall or even buy online. The goal is to find the highest quality links for the cheapest price. Oftentimes, buying online is the easiest. 

Most people go to Amazon, thinking they will find the best deal there, but that is not the case!

The best place to buy premium micro links is AliExpress. This is a website that has been around for years and it is trusted to provide high quality products direct from the wholesalers! You can find many products on AliExpress, some of the best are hair products.

These are items such as micro link hair extensions, wigs and, yes, micro links. 

Many places and businesses you visit buy direct and then resell for a higher price. Why not go directly to the source?. Check out the amazing deals here!

How To Use Micro Links

Micro Links are small beads that are used to attach extensions to your natural hair.  It is thought of as a smart technique because it does not use glue and it does not include any harmful chemicals. 

The process is called micro links because a micro piece of hair is threaded through a small bead, then, a strand of hair is added into the bead and it is then sealed to hold your hair in the style you like. 

Individual pieces of hair are used when installing micro links, but a bundle of links can also be used, to speed up the process.  This technique can last months or even longer. 

Most professionals suggest micro links should be tightened every other week. The dangers of this style vary. Some side effects can include hair thinning and damage to your natural hair follicle.

Types of Micro Links

The sources of all micro links are either natural, or synthetic. Natural ones come from natural human hair. This is far more expensive than synthetic, because it is in short supply.

Someone had to grow their hair out, cut it, package it up for distribution, and provide it to a micro link hair extensions manufacturer or seller for resale. 

This makes it much more valuable than its synthetic counterpart, which can be produced on demand for a wide variety of synthetic fibers.

Years ago, the huge difference in quality between natural micro links and hair that was made in a factory was readily apparent; synthetic versions simply did not look “real”, even to the untrained eye.

Technology has changed over the years though, and micro links are no exception.

Now, synthetic hair extensions are indistinguishable from real hair to all but the most trained eye. 

Quality has risen, while pricing has fallen. Now, sales of synthetic hair vastly exceed sales of natural hair for use in extensions.micro link 

How To Care for Your Micro Links

It’s important to make sure your micro links are taken care of.

If you’ve spent a lot of money on them, you certainly want to take care of your investment. And you’ll want to keep your hair extensions looking new and fresh.

Try not to rub your hair with your towel, otherwise you will get tangled.

Since they are made of 100% human hair, you can use heat styling products on your hair like blow drying.

As for brushing, you’ll want soft bristle brushes. Start at where the hair is bonded and work your way down gently.

When you go to bed for the night, a great way to avoid tangling is to keep your hair in a ponytail.

In summary, you may also want to consider using hair care products specially designed by micro links to keep your extensions looking their best, longest.