2019 Best Psychic Websites Reviews

AskNow Psychics Review

asknow website

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to connect with the psychics at AskNow, you already know how uncanny their psychic readings are. Instead of scripted responses and generic advice, these psychics rely on their own mystical talents to provide their clientele with valuable insight that is truly priceless.

All psychic websites are not created equal; the best ones feature psychics who are hand-picked for their ability see through the “veils” that separate past, present and future.

If you’re not afraid to know the answers, a reading at www.AskNow.com will be the best way to learn the truth about your love life or any other important issue…

Are You Searching for Love?

We all want to be loved; however, some of us struggle to trust our lovers completely, or to find that perfect person.

If you have doubts about your partner, or you’re wondering if the future will bring you the soul mate that you’ve always dreamed of, you need a psychic reading that is accurate and trustworthy.

At AskNow, caring psychics are waiting to help you, and they even offer first-time clients a special, low rate for readings.

Some psychic websites “soak” their clients and then disappoint them with readings that just aren’t useful. At AskNow.com, you’ll never feel cheated.

The psychics at this respected, renowned website are sensitive, kind human beings who were born with special gifts.

They listen with compassion and without judgment; they are there to feel your energy and to connect with every influence in your life.

As you talk to an AskNow psychic, you’ll gain vital self-understanding that helps you to plan for a happier future. You’ll also get the lowdown on whom to trust, whom not to trust, and who’s about to enter (or exit) your life…

Open Yourself Up to a Mystical Experience

The best way to get a great reading is to open yourself up to the entire experience; be honest with your psychic, and don’t be afraid to show emotion and express your fears, doubts, and hopes.

If you’re a spiritual person, you will feel so much good energy when you work with an AskNow.com psychic. This website offers “good” magic that is designed to heal, rather than hurt.

Most people who choose www.AskNow.com feel relieved and peaceful after their psychic readings; they have the answers that they needed so much, and they are able to move forward with more purpose and direction.

No matter what you’re worrying about or hoping for, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of your own future when you work with an AskNow.com psychic.

Knowing what lies ahead is the perfect way to plan for a happy future. After all, knowledge is power, and the psychics at AskNow website have special knowledge that can’t be taught or learned.

Psychic powers are a gift from the spirit world, and they are very rare.

At AskNow, a group of true psychics have gathered to offer “white magic” that is intensely powerful and positive.

Do You Believe?

Life is full of strange coincidences and strange happenstances…it’s almost as though a mystical thread ties everything together.

If you believe there are spiritual forces at play in the universe, you’re not alone; many people recognize that our “material” world is filled with guardian angels, oracles and portents.

If you’re looking for a sign from the universe, a reading from AskNow psychics will help to unravel the mysteries of your own existence.

At the AskNow.com website, you may choose from a comprehensive array of readings; whether you’re interested in career, money, past lives, dream interpretation, or romance readings, you’ll find exactly what you need, and you’ll finally have the answers that you crave.

California Psychics Review

california psychics website

The California Psychic network has been in business since 1995. You call in and pay a per-minute rate for psychic advice over the phone. California Psychics do not offer readings in any other format.

Types of Readings

California Psychics offer all kinds of psychic readings.

They work with the standard problems that most people call psychics about: love, money, career, pets, life path questions, lost objects, lost people, lost pets, past lives, and seeking closure with deceased loved ones.

They use a variety of different tools to get at their insights, including astrology, tarot cards, numerology, runes, the I-ching, crystals, pendulums, and oracle cards. Some claim to use no tools at all.

This network also offers access to empaths, clairvoyants, dream analysts, mediums, remote viewers, automatic writers, channelers, clairaudients and clairsentients. You can further sort these psychics by style and approach.

Psychic Screening Process

California Psychics have a light screening process compared to some psychic networks. First, psychics fill out an application and send it on to a recruiting department.

The website says they are looking for people who have experience reading for someone other than family members or friends. Applicants are then scheduled for a 20-30 minute test reading with two assigned evaluators.

California Psychics are then subjected to a criminal background check and a social security name search. The website claims only 2 out of every 100 psychics are selected, and with only 283 psychics on the network right now this seems about right.

Impression of CaliforniaPsychics.com Website

My first impression of this website is that it’s a little basic, cluttered, and confusing. While I like the “sort” feature that lets me view the psychics that might best serve my needs I feel like California Psychics could benefit from having a better web designer.

The experience of navigating this website leaves me with an impression that this network is somewhat amateurish.

Price and Special Offers

Prices for psychic readings from California psychics range from $1.00 per minute to $10 per minute depending upon the psychic you choose to hire. New customers can take advantage of an introductory offer which gives them 75% off of their first reading.

This of course requires you to commit to buying a reading so unlike other networks there are no freebies here.


Overall, I just don’t feel very confident with the California Psychics network. There was no rating system for psychics, though there were “customer favorites” and “staff picks” that really didn’t tell me very much since the criteria for these distinctions was hidden.

I was led to believe that the “better” psychics were supposed to be the more expensive ones, but that only proves they are the people who can keep people on the phone the longest.

A call to a psychic on this network confirmed my suspicions: it was all about keeping me on the phone as long as possible and not about serving my needs.

All in all, I feel that there are better networks out there than California Psychics, and I’d seek one of those out before spending my money with this one.

Life Psychic Review

Life Psychics is a network that literally tries to match you with a psychic for life. It’s an odd strategy since many psychics specialize in just one or two areas of life: one may be better with career questions while another is better with love and romance.

In the end, however, it might not matter much what their strategy is as there were plenty of “red flags” about Life Psychics that should scare away most discerning consumers.

Types of Psychic Readings

Life Psychic offers a standard array of readings: love, astrology, numerology, spiritual and dream analysis. There are some questionable categories here, however.

What is a “religion” reading, anyway? “Therapy and counseling” seem a little odd, too: every psychic offers counseling to some degree, but shouldn’t “therapy” be left to trained therapists?

Psychic Screening Process

It’s uncertain whether there even is a screening process. Extension numbers started in the 4-digit range before making it well into the 5-digit range.

That means there’s way more psychics on this network than there should be. The psychic profiles were a mess. Many were marked by stock photos of doves, hearts, swans, and vaguely mystical hands—but no faces.

Most of the profiles also were written in very bad English. Some were even written in all caps, which is a major internet no-no.

Perhaps the most alarming red flag hinting at a deficiency in screening was the message on the site, prominently displayed, that none of the psychics were even employed by Life Psychic, indicating that nearly anyone who wants to can simply come over to this site and hang out their particular shingle.

Impression of LifePsychic.com Website

The site’s Adsense header strikes me as an awfully bad sign: it takes up nearly half of the page as if the Adsense ads leading to other psychics, and not the psychics on the Life Psychic network itself, are the primary source of this network’s income.

The pidgin English is another bad sign, making me wonder if I’m not staring at some sort of spammer’s site out of some other country with lax laws.

The banner at the top of the sight invites me to “Get Amazing Reading,” which is just downright illiterate. Nothing about this site inspires any confidence whatsoever.

Price and Special Offers

I saw prices as low as $1.00 per minute and as high as $11.11 per minute for psychic readings on LifePsychic.com (and what a marketing ploy that was).

There was simply no consistency. The site does offer 10 minutes for $10 if you click the banner fast enough: the countdown clock beneath the offer gives you exactly ten minutes to decide if you want this offer.

Yet since there were psychics offering readings for $1.00 per minute already it was unclear how this was supposed to represent a bargain.

This kind of high-pressure sales culture is rarely good for the customer and was yet another indication that it was time to steer clear from Life Psychic.


Everything about the Life Psychic network inspires me to run away. You can even find several psychics running popular scams such as “love spells” right near the top of the list of psychics! My advice is to seek out a network that is going to be more trustworthy and to avoid Life Psychic at all costs.

Live Person Psychics Review

live person website

LivePerson has been online since 1995 and offers phone, chat and email advice in a variety of areas including counseling, business and technology.

Its psychic section comes under the banner of ‘Spirituality’ and here you will find literally thousands of psychics offering readings of any type you can imagine.

Chat readings are logged securely so you can refer to them time and time again if you want to. Psychics on Live Person come from all over the world, so, if you’re not a native English speaker you may find a psychic that speaks and types your language.

Types of Psychic Readings

Because Live Person is such a large site featuring many psychics, it offers an extensive list of reading categories.

You can choose from astrology, Kabbalah, tarot, numerology and palm readings and there are psychics specializing in love and relationships, careers, financial outlook and much, much more.

When we checked in, there were 116 pages, featuring ten psychics per page to browse through, so, that’s a lot of choice but some people may find the amount of profiles overwhelming.

 All psychics have their own, customized profile page where they detail their abilities, their qualifications and the methods they use in their readings.

Liveperson Psychic Screening Process

The screening process for Live Person is questionable; it’s easy enough to find the page where you can sign up as an “expert”, but no information is given about how psychics are vetted before they appear on the website.

The sheer volume of psychics offering their services on the website makes you wonder if there is any screening process at all.

When using Live Person it is best to check through the profiles of the psychics online thoroughly, to see if they ring true, and to check their client feedback.

The huge number of psychics working from the site means that there you can probably find some excellent psychics but that you’ll also find some truly terrible ones.

LivePerson offers a feedback system where customers can leave their views on the reading they received. Many readers have over 5000 reviews and some over 10,000, which offer reassurance that there are some very good psychics working from this site.

 There’s also a useful pop-up feature that lets you read each psychic’s feedback without having to visit his or her profile page.

Impressions of Liveperson.com Web Site

Live Person is easy enough to use and once you sign up, making contact with your chose psychic is straightforward.

Signing up also gives you access to your own control panel where you can read previous chat logs, send messages and check to see which psychics are online.

There are a lot of psychics to choose from, and sorting through their profiles could be time consuming if you’re not sure about what you want from your reading. The ‘Help’ section is useful and clearly laid out, making it easy to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Prices and Special Offers

The first 3 minutes for chat readings only are free. Liveperson Psychics set their own rates with prices ranging from $1.99 per minute to $19.99.

LivePerson also has special offers running from time to time; when we checked the offer was for 25% off a voice session (not chat or email) of $50, this offer was only available to customers in the US and Canada.


There are clearly some excellent psychics working from LivePerson; many have a large number of positive reviews and recommendations. The site contains a lot of profiles and there is a lot to read if you’re trying to narrow down your search for a psychic.

Prices vary from low to very high; some of the highest rates for psychic chat and phone sessions can be found here, so you need check prices carefully to avoid a costly session.

The chat feature seems popular, but a slow typist could add unwanted expense to your final payment total.

If you have the time to read through the various psychic profiles, there’s a good chance you’ll find the right psychic for you but be aware that many of the top-rated psychics charge a considerable amount per minute.

The vetting processes for LivePerson psychics are unclear and the large volume of psychics working from this site makes you wonder if just about anyone can set themselves up on Live Person as a psychic “expert”.

Psychic Source Review

psychic source website

While many people believe in psychics, many do not.

Perhaps one of the reasons why there are so many doubts when it comes to psychics is because there are so many people claiming to be psychics who are nothing but frauds, making it hard to believe that are any real psychics out there.

Still, millions of people each year turn to Psychic networks seeking help and guidance with specific problems. Psychic Source is one of the most well-known networks online, and this will be the network we cover in this review.

Psychic Source History

Psychic Source is one of the largest and oldest Psychic networks. They have been around for 20 years giving readings.

They offer phone readings 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In a field where most Psychic networks are fly by night businesses that set up a hotline, operate a few months by fleecing their customers with hidden costs, and then disappearing to set up again under a different name.

The fact that Psychic Source has had such a long run suggests that perhaps it offers a bit out of the ordinary from other psychic networks.

What Makes Psychic Source Different

There seems to be three major things that sets Psychic Source apart from other Psychic networks.

First, they screen potential psychics before allowing them to join their network putting them through a series of tests that is supposed to weed out the fake Psychics while keeping only the best and most accurate Psychics so that the customer is guaranteed an authentic and personal reading.

Second, the Psychic Source network actually asks customers to rate their psychic readings and uses this information to improve their site and monitor their psychics for performance in order to maintain the highest standards possible.

 Third, unlike most other sites, Psychic source doesn’t just publish testimonials they publish all the customer reviews good or bad.

Types of Readings

The site hires over 100 psychics to enable them to give all types of reading including: Clairvoyants, spirit guide readings, astrology, and tarot cards. This site focuses more on personal rather than business advice. But, seems to be well rounded in the personal reading areas.

Psychic Source also has you pay for your reading upfront so there is never any hidden charges and if you are not 100% satisfied with your last reading you don’t have to pay. Which all seems pretty impressive.

Is Psychic Source the Best Network?

All of the reviews I could find for Psychic Source were extremely positive, but believably so. I decided to try Psychic Source for myself since I tend to be a bit of a skeptic.

I can say that the readings I got was anything but general, and the Psychic I talked to not only got the number of people in my family correct without asking a single question but, actually accurately recounted my relationship with each of my siblings.

I can actually say I was very impressed with the reading I received. However, there is only one sure way for you to know if Psychic source is the real thing. Test it yourself.

Psychic Guild Review

The Universal Psychic Guild lays claim to be the largest psychic network in the world. It’s certainly global, with an extensive network of psychics from every corner of the globe and a wide variety of psychics to choose from.

Types of Psychic Readings

The Universal Psychic Guild offers phone readings, text message readings, private video chat readings and e-mail readings. You can also get dream interpretation, numerology reports, tarot card readings, and astrology readings.

The readings cover the standard subjects such as love, past lives, and another typical psychic subject matter.

They seem especially focused around the love and dating arena, however, more than on other types of psychic readings. There’s very little to indicate specialties in other common areas like careers or past lives.

Psychic Screening Process

There’s not much information about this network’s screening process, which makes it a little suspect. What have they got to hide?

The website says to submit an application and the applicant will be contacted if there is an opening, a phrase which could indicate a tough screening process or a “warm body” philosophy that moves psychics in and out of the Psychic Guild network very quickly.

It’s just very difficult to tell, so you need to be wary of these individuals and really look before you put your faith in any one psychic that you find on this site.

Impression of PsychicGuild.com Website

This PsychicGuild.com website is a little busy but it’s kind of nice, with plenty of free articles, videos, and resources that set them apart from most psychic networks.

There’s a sense that this network has really joined the 21st century by offering a variety of multi-media and ways to interact with their psychics.

For example, you can receive free daily video horoscopes, find recommended products through Amazon.com, and a variety of articles. The site also offers some fun features like the “psychic ability test.”

While the test is probably not the best way to see if you’re psychic it’s still a lot of fun. There’s a forum on the Psychic Guild web site and a free chat as well.

Price and Special Offers

The Universal Psychic Guild falls back on two fairly standard special offers. 10 minutes for $10 or 5 minutes free. These deals do make some sense as psychics on this site seem to charge between $2.29 per minute and $5.45 per minute.

You buy time in blocks of 15 or 30 minutes. There is a money back guarantee which is usually a good sign. You can also get a free numerology report over e-mail.

It’s also one of the only psychic networks that takes Paypal, which is a real advantage for people who prefer to pay that way.


There’s nothing about this network that screams “run away,” but there’s still features that would make this network better such as a customer rating system for each psychic.

It would also be great to see more insight into the screening and selection process, which would make it easier to be confident about the psychics there.

These two facts keep Universal Psychic Guild from being among the best networks available.