What Are the Types of Psychic Readings?

There are a great number of people that are looking for answers beyond our physical presence on Earth. 

These people often hire the services of a psychic to give them direction, closure, or a glimpse into their future. 

There are different types of psychic readings that a person can have done to find the answers that they seek. Each one offers the seeker the answers that they are looking for.

One method of psychic reading is the use of tarot cards. 

This deck of cards is larger than a standard deck of cards. These cards have no numbers on them; instead, they have distinct images and words of description. 

Each of these cards holds a different meaning, and depending on when and where the cards are laid on the table tells the story of the participant. This type of reading relies on the psychic reader’s ability to interpret the cards.

Astrology is another method of predicting the outcome of many things. 

Believers in the practice of astrology study a person’s birth date and time in relation to the alignment of the moon, sun, fixed stars, and the planets in our solar system. Astrology pinpoints the days that are the best for the recipient of the reading according to the heavenly bodies.

Another form of psychic reading involves the use of numerology. 

This type of reading is done with the use of the number of letters in one’s name, their birthdate, and other numerical factors important in a person’s life. The psychic interprets the resulting numbers from each individual reading into a reading.

Psychics also have the ability to read the lines on the palms of people to interpret their future. 

The lines that make up the palm of the hand are representative of life, health, longevity, and love. A reader of the palm uses techniques to pinpoint the values of the lines, wrinkles, and curves of the palm of the hand.

When one thinks of a psychic reading, many people envision a turbaned woman with lots of jewelry, sitting at a table, staring intently into a smoky crystal ball. 

This type of psychic reading is called crystallomancy. During one of these psychic reading sessions, the reader will gaze into a large crystal ball and read the images that are portrayed to them through the ball.

When the psychic reader is able to derive information from a piece of physical material, it is called psychometry. This ability relies on the success of being able to connect with the residual energy that is left behind by a person on these prized and meaningful items. 

The types of objects that are usually used are such items as wedding rings, car keys, pictures, or a piece of clothing. 

This method of psychic reading is often used by law enforcement agencies to find missing persons.

Tarot card reading is an art form. 

It is not a perfect science because people are not perfect. The cards cannot foresee or factor in variables such as illness, coincidences, human emotions or world events. The results of any reading should be considered as possibilities instead of concrete facts. 

That does not mean that what the cards say will/will not happen; anything is possible. Certain questions are frequently asked of tarot card readings; they are given below with explanations.

Will I Ever Find My Soulmate/Perfect Love?

Love is not a perfect thing; it requires work from both parties. Many people look for an ideal life partner or spouse instead of realizing that no one is perfect. 

All too often, the person that turns out to be “just right” does not fit the seeker’s idea of perfection.

Everyone wants to be told that the perfect person will enter their life. Instead of asking for “the ideal person,” ask instead for the wisdom to see the “right” person when you encounter him or her.


Will I win the lottery? Will I be rich? Is money headed my way? These are common questions for the cards. Money can and will accumulate if spent and saved wisely. By living within your means, you can find money to save.

Some people mistakenly think that money will make them happy by solving all their problems. Many lottery winners have become miserable and wound up in debt by spending foolishly. 

Ask the cards instead how to solve problems. Changing jobs, going to school to upgrade or gain a different profession may be a question for the cards.

types of psychic -readings


How long will I live? Will I be healthy? These questions cannot be answered by the cards. 

Variables such as accidents, illnesses, unhealthy living practices or other factors can shorten a person’s life. 

Seeking advice from a licensed medical professional is a better idea; keep in mind that a licensed doctor cannot tell you exactly how long you will live, either.

Practicing a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet, exercise and giving up vices such as smoking, excess alcohol or drugs will definitely extend your lifespan. 

A healthy lifestyle can result in fewer illnesses by developing a strong immune system.

Is My Career Choice The Right One?

The cards can reveal if you are on the right path with your choices. Success is not guaranteed; it is hard-earned by you. You may take fewer wrong turns along the way by letting the cards shed light on your decisions and paths before you implement them.

Will I Live A Happy Life?

The cards can help reveal different paths to happiness in the areas of work, life and perhaps love. True happiness comes from within; sometimes having the right path revealed can get you there quicker. Acting on the paths revealed by the cards can lead you to the true happiness you seek.

How Many Children Will I Have?

The cards may be able to reveal this question to many couples. Most couples can decide this for themselves. What the cards cannot tell you is how the pregnancy will go, the sex of a child, whether or not you are pregnant or when you will become pregnant. Those questions are best left to your doctor.

Still, it can be fun to ask the cards to reveal the path or paths you and your family should take. You can ask if a particular vacation idea will be a good one. 

If you are driving to your destination, perhaps the cards can reveal a safe travel plan or one with memorable stops you can make.